All Porcelain Crowns

All porcelain crowns are the natural looking answer to chipped teeth, broken teeth, covering a filling or dental implant, and cover teeth that are damaged or misshaped. Porcelain crowns can also strengthen week teeth. Doctors Hoppe, Latiolais, and Kimes want you to have the best smile possible, and at Sage Dentistry porcelain crowns are used to restore your smile.

One of the biggest advantages of porcelain crowns is they are so natural looking. We work with you to achieve the most natural match to your teeth’s color and shape. Porcelain crowns have the translucency of natural teeth, and once placed they look like your natural teeth, but better. Since porcelain crowns are crafted in a lab it may take two or more visits to complete the procedure.

At your first visit your doctor will choose a color to match your natural tooth. First you are made comfortable and the area to be worked on is numbed. We may use a dental dam to protect your mouth while we work. She will remove any damaged area and shape your tooth with a handheld tool to receive the crown. A special spacer string may also be placed at the gum line so that your new crown will fit properly. Your doctor will remove the string and take and impression of your tooth. This impression is sent off to our lab so that your new porcelain crown can be crafted. A temporary crown may be placed before you go home.

At your next visit you will be made comfortable and the area may be numbed. A dental dam may be placed to protect your mouth and we will make sure you are ready before your doctor proceeds. The temporary crown is removed, and your new porcelain crown is placed on your tooth. The crown is cemented into place and you now have a natural looking beautiful tooth.

Porcelain crowns are strong and will last for many years with proper care. Since no metal is used they are also the perfect choice for front teeth. Contact Sage Dentistry today and ask about porcelain crowns and how they can restore your smile and protect your teeth.